Five Seed…

So my today couldn’t have been a bigger change from yesterday.  I rode in to work with Etta James in the iPod, fall in the air, and full of energy.  Making conversations with strangers in the cafe, challenging myself to do more, evolve more, and become stronger in the situations that challenge me, I finally took off into the late afternoon sunshine, spinning down neighborhood streets back to mi casa.  On days like this I just drop everything on the sofa and my girl follows me into the backyard, me with a few small galvanized steel buckets in my hand to head straight to the garden. Today the tomato bush was overflowing with more yellow pears than I’d seen in a long time, the sweet and cinnamon basil have seemingly been revived from the dead, and the green beans have caused me to fall in love even more with the trellis I built out of holly branches last winter.

After all of this, I went back to the front door and saw it.  The Box, with return address of Five Seed reminding me of the goodies I’d ordered from sent to me from Central Oregon.  The most lovely assortment of natural, organic, and eco-friendly lip balms, hand salves, solid perfumes, body butters, and massage oil.  Scents of vanilla, rosemary, chocolate mint, olive oil, and more, and my friend sent me some bonus goodies that both surprised me and made me a little sappy, it was so sweet of her.

I’m not much of a perfume person anymore – ever since I stopped wearing conventional perfume, I’ve noticed I can smell things much more intensely, from the subtlely of skin to the environment in a room.  I do have a small bit of solid perfume, but rarely don it.  So I didn’t ask for any.  But our girl has good insincts, and sent me Gillian. Died. Gone. To. Heaven.

As she said, “Gillian is a mixture of dangerously sweet floral tones and mysterious, deep woodsy notes.”  Like me, uncategorizable.  But then the bonus “Just beware…you may find yourself attracting sinisterly handsome, ever-so-slightly dangerous men when you wear Gillian.”  Hmmm.  Maybe if I’m lucky I might run into a fella such as that on my UK adventure in 9 weeks, eh?

And in this mix of deliciousness was what I’d most been craving, the coconut vanilla bean balm – and it was even better than I’d expected.  Truth be told, I’d be happy to melt in a vat of this yummy soft stuff.  Love love love LOVE it.

Did I say I’m crushin’ on the Five Seed?  Get yourself some.  Dab it on your skin and let him (or her) nuzzle up to you.  Take care of your friends, your sisters, whoever you call family.  Take care of the new mamas.  Take care of you.

Warning – No matter how good it smells and feels, do NOT dip the coconut vanilla bean balm in chocolate and eat with a spoon, no matter HOW bad you want to.  My hands and lips and everything else I put on are soft and smell, well, edible…(meow!)

7 thoughts on “Five Seed…

  1. Isn't it fun to get a box on your doorstep … especially when that box includes more than you had hoped for. Nice! Ooooh, and balms … my favorite treat in the world! 🙂

    You brought up an interesting point … when one stops using all the “traditional” scents, they are able to actually smell. I thought it was just me but … I'm glad you had the same experience. I believe it's the chemicals used … they are “bad” in all areas of our life.

    You sound happy … I'm so glad!


  2. OMG, thanks so so much for this post! I laughed when I read it! And I'm so glad Gillian was right for you. I had a hard time figuring out what to send, and I figured my newest scents were unusual enough to catch your interest.

    I'm so so so glad to hear you like everything. It just makes me feel really good to know my efforts are showing in the products!

    As for you….OMG. I tried the first truffle (rasp. serrano) and I'm trying really hard not to go try another….I may not be able to stop myself. Blog post forthcoming!


  3. Y – you MUST keep the coconut vanilla balm, it's like crack 🙂 i told my friend about it and she thought it sounded amazing. as soon as you add something cinnamon or clove-y to your line let me know, i'll be all over that like a bad haircut!


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