conversations upon september, last day of summer…

yesterday was just a DAY.  as someone i know would say, a floppy monday.  but i couldn’t bear to just go home and crash out in front of dancing c-list celebrities.  so i called my friend and said, you need to come buy me a glass of wine, so he did and he bought me hummus and pitas and feta and cucumbers and i drank and he listened, he drank and i listened. ah yes, and he’s going to let me come over when he harvests honey from his bees – SO awesome!  i have the coolest friends.

i don’t need to plan things a zillion years in advance, make reservations on your social schedule.  i do love special things that get planned in advance, don’t get me wrong (solstice, baby…or my birthday, the best holiday EVAH!), but i love spontaneity. take care of your shtuff then surprise me with whatever is on your mind.  don’t worry, just be.

someday i imagine i’ll be taken by the hand and led to something that will make me smile.  i don’t think there’s anything more beautiful in the people we share time with than knowing you are being listened to, not just being polite or agreeable til they get their chance to speak.  being able to just let everything go, lay back and breathe.  it’s something worth waiting for.  i’m blessed.

and so i came home this afternoon after a sunny yummy ride home, and found the most amazing and happy treats (see separate post), popped on a dvd, and am now watching the movie where this quote came from…

You really want that guy up there to drag you
...up Annapurna for your honeymoon? 
You do not wanna climb Annapurna!
Yes, I do!
No, you don't.
You want a man who'll lead you down the beach...
with his hand over your eyes...
just so you can discover the feel of sand under your feet.
You want a guy that'll wake you up at dawn.
He's just bursting to talk to you. Can't wait another minute...
just to find out what you'll say.
Am I right?
Stop it.

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