Transcription #16

It’s easy to see sunlight when you’ve been surrounded by clouds.  Never wrong for wanting a semblance of family, my conversations have drifted to places where my heart can only vaguely remember  This is where I am sturdy, this is where judgment disappears, and I am wide open.  When your eyes are opened , there is nothing but the world facing you.  And the water flows, and the wind tickles my cheeks, and I realize its a smile that’s touched my face.

It is time to devise that plan, draw that treasure map, breathe deeper than I ever have before.  It is time for my mind to see what it has not dreamt and for the cacao to flow.  There is a vision I was handed and I grasp it with tentative fingers, altogether enamored and shaking.  As that one who finds bliss in so much yet selects little, it’s an Emily Dickinson world I sometimes lead…taking many thoughts to distill into what drives me, what I can commit my energies to.

So what steps do I take next?  Where is the calm that defines my being…?  There is garden and there is chocolate and there is art.  There is the solace I find in words and the quiet of this morning.  There is simplicity and there is the way I relax when you tense up.  Words have done more to shape me and images to distill meFew dare and when they do, I am grateful.  What to create next, she asks.  How to transform the garage into the roaster, the timid chocolatier into the artisan she truly is.

  One thought on “Transcription #16

  1. September 18, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I ask myself this often and it's come back strong again this weekend…after a bad day at work dealing with egos. And it's a new job… and I needed that job, so a blessing that I got it for financial reasons. But when will my time come when I can bring my “gifts” to the world, whatever they may be. How can I manifest my dreams??
    Like you say, 'how to transform the garage into the roaster'.


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