Transcription #14

I could write a century of this’s and that’s and still be looking.  His heart and her heart are just that.  No special meaning in that world created a thousand memories ago.  So what is the step from there?  Do you run another direction or do you walk forward and try not to notice the fading.  You concentrate on clarity and it’s a broken motion, it’s never the same when you blink.  Time interrupts my solitude and I am wrapped up and left not unscathed.  Words are dropping on my skin and I am finding more each time I feel empty that one day when you fell asleep in the sunshine and there were no worries, no regrets, nothing to stop you from breathing or living or dreaming.

My skin bares the pale to elements and risk.  I woke up and it felt different.  It is good to feel safe.  I clamor for it, fall over my feet in anticipation, stick my foot in my mouth and find a black hole.  Energy and intensity burns a hole and I am left with scars and…it’s hard to define that feeling.  I need a reminder of truth, of something that doesn’t put me back 10 years in a train station.  I don’t feel that stray sensation of comfort when I bump up against the world.  Everyone goes towards what they have always done and see no art in their smiles.  I trust that little and am feeling worn and pushed around.  There is goodness and I will prove it to you.  I will show you in the sunlight that there is hope…will you take that chance on my own soul as well? 


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