Weekend in Pictures

Spent this beautiful Saturday picking more fruit for the PFTP.  This time on nearby Sauvie Island at an apple orchard where we harvested over 500 lbs, thereby granting about 20 lbs per volunteer.  Awesome!  Spent the afternoon peeling, chopping, slicing, canning…and did not finish tonight…as of 10pm I’m exhausted so I covered it all up and will finish tomorrow.  but for now?  6 1/2 quarts of chunky applesauce spiced with cinnamon and cardamom, and 6 quarts of pears.  sleepy sleepy…
entering the orchard on sauvie island – finally, a gorgeous september day!
inside the orchard  –  a small one in need of much love
sunflower greetings from the adjacent garden
funny, this was an accidental cell phone shot….kinds like it though…
apples a’plenty, big ‘n’ small – not sure what type but they’re sauce now…
inside the grape arbor with my new 7 year old friend harper, who i gave piggy back rides around to get some grapes for us to taste in this gorgeous grape arbor adjacent to the orchard…funny just hanging around with her, her mum said ‘do you work with kids’ as she assumed that i must because we got on so well
delicious treats…
outside of the orchard, the sunshine awaited us…
flowers everywhere in a way that was just plain lovely, nothing stuffy, just lovely
i’m a  sucker for a pretty flower, simple and without any fanfare…
quick shot of the waterfront view of the property before heading out…
and hours later, back at home, with the help of my neighbor, boatloads of my apples and pears, ready for canning….oy!

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