Nutmeg in the air…

One of my favorite scents that speaks of autumn is nutmeg.  Not that pre-ground stuff that they charge way too much for at the store, rather freshly ground nutmeg.  Do you know you can buy them whole in most bulk spice aisles?  And yes, it’s much cheaper…

Truffles.  Fall.   It’s coming, or it’s already here, depending on where you are.  Yesterday was Labor Day and the sun shone.  Today is the next day and it’s pouring down rain here in the Rose City. 

And so I present to you the first truffle of autumn:  rum with nutmeg.  I don’t have a fancy name for it and am willing to entertain one, but in the meantime, that’s what it is for this new fall flavor.  Bacardi Rum, bittersweet chocolate, a swirl of fresh ground nutmeg, and then dipped in bittersweet chocolate and dusted with more nutmeg.  They smell (and taste) AMAZING.

Along with rum we also have a new batch of Pink Salt, my new best seller!

Hungry yet? Craving a treat?  Order online  at the top of the page!

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