Weekend in Pictures

I had a beautiful day.  Pear heaven.  Volunteered with the Portland Fruit Tree Project and joined a caravan of Portlanders headed out to Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge, a little over an hour’s drive from home, and spent the day at the oldest organic pear orchard in Oregon (and possibly one of the oldest in the US).  Did you know the pear is our state fruit?  For reasons you’ll understand when you are walking up to a tree that hasn’t been sprayed with godawful pesticides, and grabbing a pear and biting right into it.  To quote Uma,  I said god-DAMN!  is all I can think when I taste these.  Bartlett pears as far as the eye can see.  We picked over 4,000 pounds – half going to the Oregon Food Bank and the other half going to – yep – the volunteers.  They also ensure that low income folks get priority on volunteering as well which is way cool.

So, here’s a little peek at my gorgeous Labor Day, 2010 (not including the requisite stop to Dairy Queen for chocolate dipped cones on the way home, my treat since I didn’t have to drive!)…

I-84 just outside of Portland along the Gorge…even more amazing when the leaves turn…
arriving at the orchard…talk about a perfect day…
the perfect perfect bartletts awaiting us…
what we were up to – on ladders and on the ground, tons to be had!
one of the volunteers
yes that is mt hood behind those low clouds
seriously, we picked bags and bags and bags and bags…
view from the top of the orchard…
from the inside of the tree (and yes, i got hit in the head once by a pear – ow!!)
We filled up a BUNCH of these – talk about a cool guy donating his orchard to the PFTP!!

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