House Party minus the Kid n Play

easy li’l band setup in my friend’s backyard

Okay well it was a backyard bbq with a band at my friend’s house in the neighborhood.  A virtual explosion of the NE Portland stereotype.  Hipster-ama.  Lovely giant old house with dark beams in the ceilings and a delicious front porch.  Definitely a house that has lost the woman’s touch in his divorce and looks like a bachelor pad though, duuuuude.  But he’s good and sweet and it was a fun family friendly event with a hipster band that reminded me of all the typical stumptown characters including the old roadie and the young families with their mini-hipster kids and dogs playing in the yard.  There was a song with a bit of a Devo-esque flair to it which I dug and the rest all had me very chill with my citron vodka and seven-up.  My gingersnaps were gobbled up and we enjoyed various grilled meats and salads (I always say thank god for women at these things otherwise we’d just have 18 bags of chips).  It was fun, it was easy, it was what I love about my neighborhood.

rolled bittersweet ganache cooling pre-dip

But it wasn’t an all-night thing for me – I had truffles on the brain and my friend had lists going in her mind as well, so after a few hours we headed out.  I’ve begun on my fall flavors, with ganache made for my best seller (pink salt) and a new flavor that i’m still trying to figure out a sensible name for (it’s bacardi rum with fresh nutmeg – somewhat of  hot buttered rum but not sugary and not buttery, hmmm).

hood river, oregon

but this morning as i write i realize i have no time to dip until tonight, as i need to leave the house in an hour to go pear picking in hood river. the portland fruit tree project offers an incredible opportunity to pick pears today out in the columbia river gorge.  half the fruit to the food bank, half to the volunteers.  (can i get a ‘hell yeah’ from my canning homies…).  this coming saturday i have a similar adventure out on sauvie island for apples….woo hoo!!!  most excellent.  69 degrees in the forecast and baby, this is the start of autumn.

but on a less here’s-what-i’m-up-to-today note…autumn.  something about me wants to extend this summer just a little bit longer.  we got so little of one this year, basically july and august following the crazy rain, and i think my mind is not yet prepared for the harvesting, and eventual dying, part of the cycle right now.  something right now in me is so attuned to the seasons that it seems to hurt at times when things go awry.  does that sound crazy?  ramblings of a thirty-six year old woman?  i don’t know.  but things i am thankful for, teeny and huge, are what i need to remind myself of more frequently.  top ten right now (no particular order, just whatever pops to mind):

1.  i was told the other night i have great hair.  yeaaaah! this is big because til The Haircut That Changed Everything earlier this year, i felt like a mop.  and by the way?  i don’t use a hair dryer, hair spray, any of that.

2.  my friend i hung out with this weekend.  i’ve known her for a couple years but only this year have we gotten to know each other.  being in our 30’s and single is a trip, and i’d pretty much given up on finding a gang of friends in the same boat as me – everyone is married and/or children’d off and whether they realize it or not, don’t have the spontaneity that drives my life, for obvious reasons and for self-imposed reasons. anyhow, this girl is cool, she’s spunky, and she’s getting a gang created, hah

3.  sunlight coming through my window on an easy labor day morning.  ahhhhh.  fleeting.

4.  my girl daisy still by my side.  she’s not eating much anymore but still up for a cuddle. we’ll see how long things last.  if we make it to the end of the year.

5.  the love i have in creating foods, especially my sweets.  made my day to have all these strangers ooh-ing and ahh-ing over my gingersnaps at the bbq.  little things making people smile. i’ve found this amazing number of people who are so supportive of it, it’s nuts!

6.  a friend i have who has brought this new bit of light into my world.  great conversation and laughs and while i’m eager to see what unfolds, i feel so easy and spontaneous and free with this person that i’m very happy just watching and seeing what happens next.  nothing rushed, just all good.

7.  tomatoes.  damn it all to hell, i love tomatoes.

8.  a job i can tolerate.  it pays my mortgage.  it offers me some opportunities and gives me relationships to build and nourish.  it’s not my dream but it keeps me living a life that i can be satisfied with. i am not a girl who needs much – just getting by is nice but it is nice to be able to go to dinner occasionally, so i’m going to stick with this a bit more 🙂

9.  my sanctuary.  sometimes we forget to be thankful for what we have.  buying this house 4 1/2 years ago has made me a better person, has grounded me, has helped me evolve.  i love who i have become through this urban homesteading adventure.  i am near the water, i am near the mountains, i am near the desert, i am near the sea.  that with a garden and a dog?  heaven my darlings…

10.  little moments of bliss. where you lose track of what you were saying because you’re just so in love with how that moment is making you feel.  where your face hurts from laughing.  where they remember you in such a way that you feel warm.  bringing the goose down comforter upstairs and burying yourself in it.  fresh blackberry muffins.  great music.  getting lost in a silly movie that always makes you remember why you are who you are and where you are.  falling in love.  watching the hummingbirds attack the tangerine sage.  clawfoot tubs.  rubbing your pups belly.  living out loud.

3 thoughts on “House Party minus the Kid n Play

  1. I do believe you cheated and extended that ten rather far. That is a very very good thing.

    You are a new language to me. I see you feel food like a tickled uvula. Ha! That makes me laugh. But I do think you get just that excited. You are terribly and wonderfully alive. It is good to witness you.

    Where you live sounds divine.



  2. Erin – thank you, and haha yes i definitely cheated in that last one..

    LD – every time i sit down and count what is good in my life, it seems to brighten those darker spots and makes it easier to get through 😉


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