my beautiful september…

this morning i was teased…what do you think, it’s still summer?  it was blustery and had just rained, and i shivered as i walked in the door.  long strenuous day of various frustrations and how-to-make-everyone-happy issues, and i left after 10 hours, exhausted and conscious of very little.

then i was home.  and my eyes opened.  there was blue again.

i ended up being in the garden until dusk.  losing time in one of my top three ways.  (one involves being at the ocean.  the other?  can you guess?  ahem.)

picking tomatoes, green beans, basil.  trimming back the overly ambitious tomatoes to give lots of light and warmth to the green ones.  realizing while doing that i unintentionally took out about 6 green ones, but remembered that fried green tomatoes would be perfect over labor day weekend.

ah yes, labor day weekend.  nine peaches staring at me.  four sacrificed for a recipe from the folder (i’ve been collecting recipes for eons, so have had 4 or 5 peach related ones under contemplation since bringing home all these lovelies this past weekend)…peach drop cookies, soft and chewy with diced peaches scented with vanilla.  perfect to bring in to my taste testers tomorrow…

but then, what to do about dinner?

not being terribly obsessed with square meals, i was thinking long and hard about those gorgeous little hens next door and the eggs i’ve been collecting all week (their mum is back so i’m on my last half-dozen…).  cast iron skillet?  check.  butter?  check.  shiitake mushrooms from the farmer’s market, that i already chopped up?  check.  organic worcestershire i recently discovered at new seasons (i was amazed at how most have corn syrup and other preservatives, including the ‘good’ stuff…)?  check.  and some seriously local eggs, ones that take some strength to crack because their shells are strong, and with yolks that don’t disintegrate when dropped in the pan?  CHECK.  yum.

oh and those carrots?  dessert.

3 thoughts on “my beautiful september…

  1. I have been unforgivably neglectful of my blogging peeps – I just realized you aren't even on my blogroll! Anyway, love this post, and am updating the blogroll today. Sorry it took all summer, lol!


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