eight thirty ten

it was a funny little monday.

lazy bum getting up, sprinkly morning and didn’t feel like getting on my bike.  silly girl chose the bus?  makes sense til you get on and realize sooner or later, someone will be in your personal space when the bicycle would have gotten you there quicker and in better spirits – not to mention without a severe need for a double espresso by 9am.

i heard a new joke today – probably the third in my life i’ll ever remember.  ya ready?

what did the fish say when he hit the wall?
oh, dam!

when you get a client who once kinda scared you on first meeting to tell you a cheesy joke, you know you’re doing your job right.

tomorrow is the last day of august.  terribly shocking as i wore jeans and a long sleeve v-neck tee to work with my jacks.  took the caffeine high and got a lot of work done, then discovered more pathological truths about someone i once allowed into my home.  creepy to say the least.

got a ride home from mi amiga and noticed my favorite neighborhood consignment store is going out of business.  for my benefit, however, scored two gorgeous vintage silver platters that I am in the midst of polishing (pix soon enough…), and this lovely little vintage toffee tin from fifty or so years ago made by sharp & sons.  the irony of the last treasure?  i got home and looked on the bottom and saw that it was made in one of the counties i’ll be lazying about in on my vay-cay this fall.

pretty nifty.

biked these treasures home and picked a big bowl of tomatoes today.  doing my best to stop snacking right off the vine so i can combine them with my reddening serranos, yellow bell peppers and white onions for a peach salsa that should be pretty insane.

but what did i end up doing?  reading then writing then facebooking about the F***ing circus, a sick and disgusting routine abuse of animals for selfish human entertainment.  no, i will not mince words – these animals are hog-tied and beaten and confined from a young age to fear humans and do stupid and cruel tricks, because some people have it in their heads that animals (like everything in nature) are there for entertainment.  our newscasters are glorifying this twisted parade through the streets of portland where elephants are forced to walk a mile on asphalt from the train station to the coliseum where they then get to be a display of humanity at its worst.  it’s a huge embarrassment to me as an oregonian, as an american, as a human being, that this practice still continues.

and there you go.  monday.  when is that vacation?  mama needs some ocean time, some cozy sweaters, some quiet.

2 thoughts on “eight thirty ten

  1. Hahhaa! ( for the joke,not you! )

    yeah… the only part about a circus that i liked were the animals afterwards that i could pet…i didnt like seeing them whipped.. Circus people should be whipped themselves.
    Lovely little tin. I love collecting colorful old tins like that. Especially because i have such a humongous VARIETY OF TEA!!!


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