Weekend in Pictures

more lovelies
pigtails in august and  more freckles 🙂
wrapping up the evening listening to the boys play some jazz, drinkin’ chianti and chattin’ with my girl

lots of difficulty finding an even keel today.  i kept driving. then finally when i gave up looking, as usual, i was found.  said hell with it, pulled on the little black leggings and skirt and tank and pretty sandals, tossed on the shades and put music in my ears, and headed to the bus.  said goodbye to the sunflowers and the giant to-do list that is my house, and hopped a bus cross town to meet a girlfriend.  grey goose and seven-up, my new favorite summertime go-to.  conversation all over the map, catching up after a month or so of being apart, and as all good sisters* do, like no time had gone by at all.  she has seen me at some of my worst moments and lives life exactly how she wants to, without thought to what box it should fit in.  like me, she creates her own universe.  neither of us see any need to limit ourselves to what society tells us – we live life fully, laugh too loud, speak our minds, love completely, and are intensely loyal.  we discuss how the world challenges us and the people who affect our hearts and yes, we drink red wine.  

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