Garden Journal

next week is september.  evenings cooling off.  harvesting just starting to kick into full gear.  my how they all grow.  and i am miniscule by proportion to the real urban and not-so-urban farmers.  i want to make sure i make the most of it, so each night i am gathering, chopping, drying, eating 🙂

so just a warning, this is a boring post, just a check in of the garden and how things are doing and notes for next year, but hey, read it if you got nothin’ else to do….

herbs – oregano, basil, tarragon, sage – all being dried in big glass containers from ikea.  love it.  much more culinary sage next year shall be grown.  lavender and chives and rosemary are so abundant that i tend to take them for granted.  must pay closer attention.  thyme.  keep forgetting i have it. 

veggies tomatoes.  bound and determined to create a tomato wonderland.  next year shall triple the number i’m growing and build stronger supports. and a better bed for them to discourage blossom rot! can you imagine thirty or forty plants?  yee haw!  peppers.  an entire bed of hot and sweet bell peppers.  yeaaaaaah!  no purple – they taste like ass (or, as some would say, green peppers).  zucchini.  lovely lovely and they are a nice border in front of the raised beds.  corn.   have yet to try, but they all are growing beautifully and i see my first ear on the stalk with the tassels turning brown so i hear that means it’s time…this weekend we’ll know if it was worth it…i’m thinking corn on the cob on the grill.  cucumbers.  tried growing them out of a pot this year due to geographic restriction.  dumb idea.  they are not happy with me.  also tried this yellow tennis ball looking type and it was not exciting.  onions.  must plant many many more next year.  must not feel bad about ‘murdering’ their siblings when i’m thinning.  while the nasturtiums were pretty, they were dictators in the garden…my own fault really, as i was entranced by the pretty blooms (as were the bad bugs though, hmmm).  carrots.  love ’em but not sure i’d plant as many – i’m not a carrot addict.  like the traditional orange best.  funky colors not as tasty.  lettuce.  normal leafy lettuce?  awesome!  foo foo greens?  not so much.  spinach.  awesome.  next year?  plant in less mega-sun area.  spinach bolted on first hot day.  peas.  holy cow, what a whole lot of effort for not a lot of peas.  will contemplate their future as i LOVED picking them, watching them grow, shelling them, but man i love peas so we’ll see if we can give them a home they deserve in about triple or quadruple the quantity from last year. green beans.  climbing like crazy.  don’t remember if i like french beans but we’ll find out. first harvest got pickled, haven’t tried yet.  next crop will be picked this weekend, hmm.  pumpkins.  well, they’re growing, so we’ll see.  hope to be able to can some and make some of my infamous pumpkin truffles 🙂

fruitblueberries.the bleepin’ ailanthus tree pollen really had an effect.  while the berries increase each year, the stickiness from the pollen affected a few and i can’t wait  for tax refund time so i can have it taken down in the spring.  hallelujah!  strawberries.  those buggers are great but i didn’t do the beer bait early enough.  they take over the world too, so i’m thinking the spot between the driveway can be theirs and the neighbor and i can have one giant lovely strawberry patch.  kiwi.   the gorgeous vine withered in the heat wave.  i had no idea, and have no clue if it will revive.  boo.  meyer lemon.  no fruit at all.  lots of blossoms, never any fruit.  need to put in bigger container, who knows.  not ready to give up!

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