Magpie 29 – inspiration comes easy

this is my first magpie post, where the photo is the inspiration for the words….

our sanctuary was created before we ever laid eyes on each other.  long ago i knew you in my dreams and wondered when you would be ready for me.  back then i didn’t realize that it was also i that needed preparation. you dropped into my life and i felt something instantaneous.  it wasn’t that run of the mill bum-bum-BUMP of the heart.  you made me shut up and listen.  you held my attention.  you loved how i loved you.

last night i dreamed of our someday.  i had found my breathing space and you had found our new sanctuary.  every time i opened my eyes i was still awake, and everytime i held my breath i realized i was still alive.  you were real.  we were real.  we had slogged through the mud and been battered by storms and wondered about the upcoming seasons.  but when small moments added up and you took my hand for the first time, i looked over at you and i knew.

these days i gather fruit from the trees and tend to our vegetable garden and get domestic in ways i never could have imagined myself.  we run through the forest with our dogs and our little ones, laughing as we spend our days picking flowers and staring at bugs and wandering through streams in our bare feet.  we read stories and tell tales and lose ourselves in daydreams. it’s a simple existence.

but we have our days quite different from ordinary fairy tales.

you cover my eyes, grab my hand, and take me for a drive.  we both know the world is everywhere for us, and we don’t try to fit into any particular life.  we dip into the city as needed because you know i need to feel music around me and you like to watch me dance.  we are never far from the ocean because i know you feel the sea in your veins like i do.  it’s why i adore you…there is never clear definition of us yet i am never unsure about what we mean.  you love me.

there was that day we brought our little girl to this sanctuary and i looked up at you.  i could hear the wind rustling the leaves on the trees and felt your lips press against my forehead.  this is us, you said.  and i felt your smile spread across my face.

and i’d love to tell you about the happily ever after, but i just woke up to the sound of gunshots.  i’m pulling the sheets over my head, and quick, quick, trying to go back to that sanctuary.  inspiration comes easy.  you are listening, aren’t you?

20 thoughts on “Magpie 29 – inspiration comes easy

  1. I love the ending. A sudden, violent waking up from our dreams.
    I have too lived this. And you just want to get back to that sanctuary..or what you believed it was.
    It will be found again, though, but somewhere sturdier. Because it is always there, inside of us.


  2. Ah yes, the quest for home and sanctuary. I often have such dreams. I like how you communicated the comfort and serenity that would exist in your sanctuary. If only….


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