self indulgence and dirty little secrets

it’s possible that just months before my depeche mode debut, that THIS actually was the first concert i ever went to…

i was riding home from a trip to the crackhead safeway and as i found myself in a great mood when the spice girls came on my ipod, i thought of all the folks who are afraid to just let their freak flag fly and not be intimidated by what others say.

yes, and along with the cool kid tunes, i have paris hilton on my ipod.  AND miley cyrus  AND the backstreet boys.  AND lisa lisa & the cult jam.  AND jennifer lopez.   ya got a problem with that?  as my pops used to say, tough (then smile).

i’m not one of those people trying to impress you with all the little known indie bands i know or the newest hipsterish sound that all the cool kids are listening to.  why?  cuz i’m clueless.  cuz all my friends are married or have kid and don’t do cool stuff anymore so i have a life that surrounds my garden and my dog and thirtysomething dinners out.  not that i crave the club life, i just don’t like waiting in lines anymore.  i can shake it til the sun comes up, it just doesn’t happen as frequently as i did in my younger days.

now, hell, i like what i like and i love what i love and will try just about anything once.  there are so many things i want to do and try and taste and experience still in my life. people comment on what i’ve done but i feel like i am at the beginning.  the road ahead of me has a million possible paths and all i can do at this point is close my eyes and let myself be guided.  i’ve begun to let go and am amazed at how things are showing me the way.  i stopped looking and now?  the world is beautiful.  malleable.  altogether terrifying and delicious wrapped into this wonderful life.

so i ask you to contemplate…

no guts, no glory
take a risk
fight for touches your heart
slay dragons if you need to

love fiercely.  unequivocally. with abandon.  know you are going to see brilliance.

and yes, get cheesy on me darling.  sing too loud and snort when you laugh and turn it up..

4 thoughts on “self indulgence and dirty little secrets

  1. LD – i should have kept the original playlist on a bit longer but you get my drift. 🙂

    and billie…ahh, billie…i have her on my ipod but love her best on my record player, all scratchy sounding


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