quiet quiet sunday

the house is quiet this early early sunday morning.  after splitting a bottle of wine, my friend and i crashed earlier than expected last night and i now just hear the wandering of my pup with her nails clicking on the hardwood floors.

yesterday was good.  necessary.  my hair feels soft, manageable, yet still nice and long.  supplementing tips with truffles may have been the key (she got kahlua).  instead of riding, i chose to walk yesterday, as the weather was nice and cool in comparison to what we’ve witnessed.  after i had my hair cut (and blow-dried, and styled, even though i knew where i was going next – it just felt so delicious….), i walked the two miles down to the dragontree, where the next three hours were spent in complete luxury.  for those of you who love to get a massage, you know how some places are combined with noisy hair salons, or just don’t deliver for the exorbitant price?  well these guys really know how to take care of a girl, right as you open the door.  i decided to arrive early and took advantage of the sauna, which fortunately you didn’t have to be bashful in, and got a good 15 minutes in so i was dripping wet and in a semi altered state of mind by the time my massage therapist came and got me.  i was led into a simple room in shades of maroon with candles, and everything from then on was pure bliss.  now i’ve had massages that aren’t perfect – the room isn’t warm enough, they are too gentle or too hardcore with the pressure, or they don’t cover all areas of your body – but this wasn’t like that.  we started out with garshana, which is similar to dry brushing except instead of a brush, she wears raw silk gloves and without oil, she briskly rubs you with up and down and circular strokes – it’s energizing and relaxing all at the same time.  then your body is all tender and she rubs oil into it and you’re soft as a baby’s bottom, it’s lovely. and of course then comes the 90 minute swedish massage.  perfect temperature, perfect comfort level with her, very warm and nurturing presence, perfect level of pressure (more on neck and back, just enough to challenge you to breathe into the tension to let it go), and covered everything from acupressure on my feet (i get too ticklish for the soft stuff on the arches) to the world’s greatest scalp and face massage.  for the first time i fell asleep on the table on at least 3 occasions…a big surprise to me.  when i start a massage, it’s like yoga in that you want to focus on the feeling rather than whatever is mulling around in your head.  i start with a vision in my mind that brings me peace (for me, it’s always walking on the beach on a cloudy morning in the fall) and let myself drift into the sensation where i give up all control and it feels so phenomenal.  the massage was luscious, to say the least, and yes she received two boxes of truffles (blueberry and cayenne). 

i then wandered over to the nice overhead rain showers with giovanni products that smell so good, and finished up with a nice coating of their hazelnut/vanilla body lotion.  pulled my long flowing black sundress back on and wandered next door to a favorite little cafe for a caprese panini and fresh squeezed orange juice (coffee would have been very wrong, and i’m not a tea drinker), and just absorbed the nice altered state of mind.  hopped on a bus back across town to my neck of the woods and stopped off at my little nail shop and got the finishing touches on my feet with a well-deserved (and much needed for these garden feet!) pedicure.  i’m not a foo-foo fingernail girl, but do love to have my feet all nice and soft and pretty toenails, so i let them get a little extra girlie on me with the blue nails and polka dots.  pedis are hard for me in that there are a lot of ticklish elements especially when they do the salt scrub – hence why i don’t spend a ton on them, as it’s anti-relaxation for me and therefore i don’t need the spa environment.  twenty bucks and i’m good, ya know. 

so the sun was out at a lovely 70-ish and that was that.  my friend came over and we went to see eat/pray/love (too long and while it didn’t disservice the book, it was edited in a funny way and julia roberts was not the liz gilbert i’d envisioned, so it had some nice moments but wasn’t superb like i’d thought it might be), and then…(cue the music)…a really wonderful dinner at the place around the corner from my house, firehouse.  my favorite waitress shows up at our table with three wines for us to try, and we settled on the montepulciano (sigh…yum…).  we started with the fried cauliflower with lemon creme fraiche (i don’t even like cauli and i love this), zucchini and parmesan ‘salad’ (like pasta it was so amazing), and heirloom tomato bruschetta (simple, perfect).  we shared the prosciutto, garlic and arugula woodfired oven pizza.  with the wine?  perfecto.   great conversation with one of my closest friends, and feeling like myself again.  thank god for that you know?

this lazy sunday?  coffee with a friend later this morning down the street, and figuring out what to do with these green beans.  ah yes, and my first attempt at gathering eggs – i’m needing to be brave, haha!  how easy is that for a sunday though, ya know?  love it.

this morning’s harvest of yellow pear tomatoes, one roma, and three small onions, mmm
the first egg – i was brave and just pushed her outta the way to grab it, yay me!

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