something i read this morning from Rob’s Writings…this is for all my friends who are running around cursing the skies instead of realizing the loveliness that is all around…we all have these moments and need to remind each other to step out of our comfort zones, let go of our assumptions about others, and reach out.  let go of those habits that keep you in the cycles that take you nowhere.  reach out for her hand even if you don’t know if she’ll squeeze it back.  tell your partner that you adore them in a quiet moment before it passes.  show up on her doorstep and bring her fruit.  bring him chocolates.  smile at strangers.  squeeze his hand when he grabs yours.  imbibe less, kiss more.  feel the august wind and take chances. 

Once upon a time, you asked a certain someone for a blessing. Instead, he or she blasted you with a curse. The debilitating blow of that bad juju hit you right in the place that was ripe for the blessing you requested. What a tragedy!

Do you understand that the seed of the blessing you once needed (and still need) is hidden within the curse? If you figure out what that blessing is, you’ll find the cure. (P.S. The French word for “wound” is blessure, which suggests that blessing can come from wounding.)

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