the craving

today was hard.  there were some unexpected surprises that put a spin to my day that let’s just say, for the first time in years, literally made my heart pound i was so upset.  and, like most days when things like this happen, i felt both lucky to have my girls to call up but bummed to not really have anyone nearby to go decompress with.  i put the word out there but still i feel that i’m practicing, as freda would say, in reaching out.  but as it is with me, i usually feel like i’m bumbling.

saturday i’ve got plans for me.  kind of a double edged sword all that i am ‘scheduled’ for, yet everything being good things.  play by play?  why of course, i’ve got nothing truly mindblowing to say tonight…

9am  ride over to northwest and have a wonderful girl named jamie wash my hair, deep condition it, then cut a few inches off, making me feel pretty again.  i haven’t felt pretty for a while, kind of more mucky muck.  i don’t know if there’s anything better than someone taking good care of you, scratching your scalp in such a way, washing your hair, making you all clean and new again.

10:45am  ride over to the dragontree spa and after a little sauna time, enjoy garshana (similar to dry brushing – the best thing everrrrr).

11:30am roll over and melt for 90 minutes with a massage.  this one will be traditional swedish, only because their hot stone massage only lasts 70…and with this gift certificate i’m going to take full advantage!

1:00pm spa shower to get the oils out of my hair and move slow motion outta there with a lazy smile and wind in my hair on a much milder sunny day (forecast for 70, ahhhh)

1pm – 4pm be a complete lazy bum whether that be lollygagging next door at the clearing cafe with a perfectly luscious cuppa joe, or filling up at powells, or whatever…you wanna come, you lemmeno

4pm go meet my sista for a girlie drink.  you gotta problem with chambord kamikazes?  (also known as grape nehi in seattle and purple hooter in SoCal)  bite me!  (aren’t we cute)

6pm  amp up the estrogen a wee bit more and go kidnap another girlfriend for eat/pray/love – my favorite book on the planet with my favorite actress on the planet

8:30pm  late dinner at firehouse, my favorite restaurant on the planet and one that just happens to be 3 or 4 blocks from my house.  catch up on the movie, catch up on our lives, drink lots of wine, stumble home, stay up late talking…all the good stuff.


7 thoughts on “the craving

  1. well miz maurie someday you'll have to escape down to stumptown for a visit 🙂

    kate – absolutely! just some work stuff that makes me feel naive about people sometimes. the massage, etc., are so overdue!


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