Peaches n Berries

blackberry goodness
what i am looking forward to…

it’s bleepin hot out.  i’m canning.  i’m a masochist, my friend R says.  of course his basement isn’t as bleepin humid as mine is.  cooler and sweatier or hotter and drier?  either way it kinda bites.  especially when you thought you had everything then realized, um, no, you’re out of white grape juice (what i can my peaches in- nothankyou on pears) and out of sugar.

what am i up to?
* canning blackberry jam (12 half-pints done)
* canning peaches (56 lbs to peel n slice…sigh…)
* making a blackberry peach cobbler for tomorrow
* trying my hand at homemade blackberry vodka (ready by solstice, yummmmmm)


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