eight thirteen ten

no more to say
sleepy and mellow, my skin craves the coolness of these sheets.
i have a beer and a lime, resting against my chest as i watch the world go by
this sun, this breeze, this friday evening.
i am easily stolen
i am quietly buried away
there is nothing you need to know that you cannot ask
and in time, you just may open your eyes a bit wider
see that there is you reflected in me, me reflected in you
but today there is nothing more than the feeling of my hair grazing down my back
riding in circles
i have created my own fences and
loved my own way
there is nothing to be done but to know ME, to know my HEART, to know my SOUL
you want my body?
you want my words?
you want to figure me out?
you want my everything?
then let go of your preconceived notions
your traditions
your past
your burned in assumptions of how a woman and a man look
let the trees rustle around us
sleep next to me
keep me safe
show me your world
and i will come around
as i settle in
to the smell of your neck
the sound of your sigh
the back of your hands and
the story of your smile

i don’t know
i cannot know
i never claim to know

stop thinking you do
stop thinking of yesteryear
stop talking about everything that is beyond your control
and just live.  stay in this present.  fill in my blanks.

i want to bury my hands in the fruit
and wipe the sweat from my brow
and ignore you all

you all know what you need to do. as for me?
i’m tired  i need my eyelids to connect and to throw my leg over your thigh
lingering your hand on my hip
lingering my hand on your belly
i don’t think of poetry.  i think of ease and quiet and not feeling fifteen anymore.
i don’t think of sugary syrupy sloppy romance.  i think of your confidence and your honesty and your willingness to move ahead in your own life, and how you inspire me to see more in my own.

but right now, my face rests against the pillow. right now.


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