The Beloved Gingersnap

The half-dozen box o’ gingersnaps – a mere $5 for such a lovely comfort food

Thank you to everyone who came out to Hip Happening this past Saturday!  All six of you!  Sellwood was a much quieter place than anticipated, but it was wonderful to meet so many talented and fantabulous artisans and be in such a creative zone.  The truffles were tasted, for sure, but not the raging crowds I’d have preferred to say the least.  But hey, weekends in August don’t exactly scream, “get me indoors!  get me indoors!”  So I love you all my Bittersweeties…

This past week I will dedicate to my new Fairy Godmother who we’ll call D.  She floated in from Atlanta G-A and let’s just say twelve dozen flew off the shelves in seven days – so a definite silver lining on the week, not to mention a wonderful lady to get to know and introduce to P-town!

Being ‘official’ and all this year, it’s all about the reinvesting.  More bulk chocolate has been purchased, and this week I am focusing on the ever-fun task of self promotion.  First and foremost is designing a new, perfectly Bittersweet logo, so I’m meeting with a couple of lovely folks through my network to see who may have the ideas to get this girl branded.  Ow! (sorry that was just cheesy).

In the meantime?  The truffle love continues if you are cravin’ some bittersweet.  Check out my right hand column for what’s in stock, or custom order and we’ll work something out that will make you close your eyes and go (repeat after me…) OOH, that’s good. 


Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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