Phosphorescence and midnight tides

My eyes are constantly reminded of the life I’ve led.  I look at my reflection and try to see what her eyes have seen, see what they see, understand who I am and where I’ve been and when they’ll see something beautiful again.  Today I read and absorbed and wrote and slept, and when I awoke, I felt your presence and tears came to my eyes unexpectedly.  The feeling was deep and intimate and I thought, this cannot be so.  But my thoughts are pure and my instincts are strong, and when I thought of you I could only feel one sensation.  It’s hard to express in one word that does it justice.  My mind wanders to you and I think of that first glimpse driving down 101 where you see the blue of the ocean.  I see your eyes and I think of them closing as I lean over to kiss your lips.  I hear your voice and instinctively my hand goes to my chest, my breath catching in the emotion and my heart, oh my heart.  I am naked every time I step towards you, even as the breeze catches my dress and I feel it cling to my curves, when I am yours I am exposed, I am vulnerable, I am bare.  I close my eyes and I sense your eyes on me for the first time. I am shy, I am nervous, I am holding your gaze.  You were the one who was supposed to be the quiet one, yet when I see you all I want to do is stop, listen, watch you in the room.  When you sit down on the edge of the bed I am crosslegged behind you, leaning forward to rest my cheek against the warmth of your back.  You are long and lean and I want to wrap my legs around you into a cocoon.  My heart is beating but I breathe deeply and my eyes are open, in this empty room, far away.  But for some reason I can still hear the ocean.

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