Gray Sunday and historical significance, version 2010

summer 2009 quotations:

“Not much time, in a public library…I am still here! Writing with those old fashioned things called pen and paper…filling up journals, drinking cappuccinos, documenting my life with a cell phone camera, living on the cheap, canning pears, making marmalade, picking zucchinis, and watching my tomatoes revive after the last heat wave, and enjoying the simplicity of unemployment while simultaneously trying to avoid waves of panic that seep in every few days.”

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground. ~Author Unknown

“So I sipped some wine, inhaled deeply, and did the work I had been putting off for months. I borrowed tools, I cut down fencing, I worked until I could feel alive again. I scraped the floors, I painted, I hauled, I felt the perspiration run down the side of my face. She looked at me like I was crazy. I looked up with a smile. Taking care of my surroundings takes care of me.”

“Emergency remedy if you cut ’em then rub your eye (YOW!) – milk, not water, will get out the burning owie from your eyeballs. Yes, it’s true, at one time in my life I chopped up jalapenos then took out my contacts. A mistake only made once.”

what have i done to improve from last year (or how have i fallen?)  i asked myself?
* yoga.  free yoga classes are while i’m at work.  can’t afford yoga classes.  missing warrior poses and backbends and wren and adjustments and shivasana.  it will happen again, i just need to get there.
* vitamins.  i buy the absolute largest bottle now as well – less packaging and overall cheaper.
* coffee.  have officially made the switch from plastic to stainless.
* rainbarrel has been awesome but next year i swear i’ll finally have the 500g cistern in place!
* hardwood floors.  i think i’ll pay my friend to mop it when he gets his arse over here, i’m such a bum.
* weaned off brita and donated it to goodwill.  pure tap water – gotta love oregon, baby.
* transitioned from bottled shampoo to buying in bulk and refilling the bottle each time.
* same goes for peanut butter.
* still haven’t run out of that detergent – that shtuff lasts forever!
* eggs – my neighbors’ chickens just finally got knocked up.  i’m waiting for leftovers 🙂
* tv – with LOST over, i primarily only use the box for highly intellectual shows like dancing with the stars and the bachelorette.  actually?  i plug my ipod into it and it’s my oversized ghetto blaster, yo.
* washer – wish i had someone strong around to help me adjust the feel so it wouldn’t scoot across the floor during the spin cycle.  one of these days this baby is takin’ off…
* carrot seeds in egg cartons?  nope.  sowed these direct, much more successful.  ps- dogs love carrots.
* bulk containers – slowly transitioning from plastic to glass containers.  yay ikea.
* spice jars – no reusing baggies, as i now bring the actual jar into the store for refill (they subtract the difference in weight, yay!)
* olive oil – bought new glass pitcher (plastic is ugly too!), same motto as above
* bouillion – i now make my own stock and freeze it, yum

so, what, do i have anything new to share?  me?  sure, i have a few new ideas:

sweet chen basil – one of the 3 varieties being attempted this year.  pick this regularly, toss in the oven on a cookie sheet at 200 for 12 minutes and you have dried basil to store through next year
remember those glass jars i said i’m using for storage over plastic now?  yay ikea – they are insanely cheap there and i am not being shy about harvesting as much basil as i can (makes it grow more profuse when ya pick it, yay!) and drying it cuz this winter i’ll be happy as a clam.   sweet chen, fino verde, and cinnamon varieties here.
sunflowers are good for everything.  they make us happy just looking at them and they make the bees exceptionally happy (i just read that honeybees chase sunflower bees which makes everyone pollinate faster).  this is a lone sunflower i forgot about for the ‘wall’ and is now keeping an eye on my kiwi vine.
you can grow peppers in cooler climates like oregon!  hungarian paprika, the first time i’ve grown this, look how long they get, too cool!
instead of baking and freezing zucchini bread and overflowing the freezer, a coworker suggested i shred it and freeze it in bags like i do with spinach.  brilliant! yay for prolific zukes!
buy your deli foods in as large of quantity as you can, and then use the container for your bulk spices.  i haven’t bought enough of the glass ones, so for now this is a great substitute for the bag o’ saigon cinnamon i was given
even if you never grow it again, grow corn at least once and enjoy a little slice of the midwest minus the moral majority.  this is my first infant corn-in-progress.  love watching something grow, don’t you?

One thought on “Gray Sunday and historical significance, version 2010

  1. The basil is gorgeous!

    I have not done shampoo refills yet, but just did a bulk refill for laundry detergent. Definitely better than wasting plastic, but I can not believe how long it took to fill the container.


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