post -func on a saturday

countin’ inventory pre-show…

my little table – probably a bit on the simple side but am working on designing something rockin’ for the holiday season as soon as i can afford a backdrop and some more display pieces!

the menu for today – 12 varieties of truffle and 3 varieties of cookie – MMM!
a close up at a few of the contenders – clockwise from top left:  ginger spice, gorgonzola, cayenne, pink salt, peanut butter, whiskey
my friend pam’s beautiful dylanbug designs table – order online, her creations are amazing, handmade, and each is a one of a kind, just like her!
ooh baby what’s in the box?????
mmm, gingersnaps that will melt in your mouth

7:15 on a Saturday Night…and the tap drips under the strip light…

oops wrong song.  today was slow.  good contacts made, nice folks to sell to, but most of the business was to the other vendors, as sellwood was NOT happenin’.  it was good to be indoors but it was muggy and the display chocolates bloomed fairly quickly, and $60 in sales is nowhere near what i was hoping for with all the efforts i put in.  but i met a lot of people, passed out a lot of business cards, and most importantly, got some GREAT feedback from my friends who joined me to help sell the sweets, regarding how i’m going to design my first holiday booth this winter.

best seller?  whiskey.  by far the maker’s mark has some powerful spell, and i know someone far away who inspired it is probably laughing out loud now (aren’t YA!) about all that.

i am going to be applying to get into a very large local artisan holiday craft show that happens the second week in december, and if i get in, y’all i’m going all out on upgrading me from truffle table grrl to bittersweet extravagannnza.

thoughts for future booth:
* on a tri-fold display behind the booth:  blow up those individual truffle photos to 8×10 size (and shoot more so i have one of each flavor) and create a photo display of all of my varieties; then in a second section talk about my ingredients (get free promo materials from them!), and in a third section talk about my ecogrrl ways (vegan truffles, bicycle delivery, eco-friendly packaging, local and organic ingredients)
* on the actual table:  much more stuff, fill up the table even if the main inventory is chilled underneath.  separate, smaller displays of the flavors – perhaps using preservatives for the display versions so they’ll last all day long (especially with a 2 day show!).  boxes of the goods on the table if possible (or at least fake boxes for show).  a special order / mailing list sheet for custom orders.
* and for the marketing end:   figure out my website so i can establish that bittersweet email address.  get my own logo created and accompanying stickers/stamps created.  buy hard-cardboard gift boxes + natural twine for decoratin’.  solicit to more cafes including the one across the street.  have someone walk around events with little samplers to point them to my booth.  start saving up for the cacao roasting.  envision trip to madagascar with fine lookin’ man on my arm to seek out fair trade cacao bean growers 🙂
* and for me? take a deep breath.  then be done with it and keep looking forward.  finish takeout pad thai and go inside.  turn on yummy old black and white film like ‘love in the afternoon’ and wrap self up in soft white sheet and fall asleep on the sofa before gary cooper realizes who audrey hepburn is. wake up, rewind , and watch it.  sleep like a LOG.

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