Bittersweet truffles AND cookies at Hip Happening!

Along with TWELVE varieties of my Bittersweet truffles, I will also be offering some of my favorite cookies at Hip Happening this weekend.  Look forward to the gingersnap, the peanut butter, and the chocolate chip.  Lucky, lucky Bittersweeties – I hope you will come!  If you live far away, remember that I do ship nationally and internationally so drop me a line or go to the top right corner of this page where you can order via secure Paypal and get your treats in 3 days!

48 hours to go – are you as excited as I am?  Come see me!  Eat chocolate, be happy.

Love to all the Bittersweeties!


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet truffles AND cookies at Hip Happening!

  1. Wow, this pic looks reeeeally good! Mmmm…Mmmm… By the way, do you do any art/farmers markets? Have you done the Boise-Eliot Market? Just wondering how it is.
    Later. 🙂


  2. Thanks Tracy! I did Last Thursday a couple of times but the locations are never guaranteed and heat of course is the enemy with my chocolates. I am still not sure about farmers markets due to the same reason – since I work full time, it's a challenge to have that level of inventory, but i'm contemplating something smaller level, like the sol pops guy (bicycle truffles?)…i've liked selling my stuff retail through other shops (they're at elevated coffee) so i'm contemplating which direction i want to focus on, so i can continue to grow yet also not pull my hair out from the mortgage-paying job 🙂


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