48 hours til Hip Happening!

one of my best sellers, the pink salt truffle
the all-time best seller, my ginger spice truffle

Let me tell you it’s been a BUSY week.  After spending the last few weekends trufflin’ it up, and creating an inventory of over – yes, i said it – 400 truffles for my Hip Happening debut this Saturday, guess what happens?

Regular sales start kicking in.  A woman I’ll just call my new “fairy godmother” bought $220 worth of truffles from me after her son loved the dozen we sent him over at his military base in the UK (yes, my truffles have been to England twice now!).  My local cafe that sells my truffles also let me know that they are seeing an increase in sales and have therefore decided to buy them in bulk from me now rather than in boxes.  First order was for my two new flavors, whiskey (makers mark, saigon cinnamon dusted) and l’orange (grand marnier, sprinkled with orange zest).  Yippee!

Of course this means I have depleted half of this Saturday’s inventory and have no time to make more because I have about a cup of dark chocolate squares left!  So, cookies, my darlings, cookies it is.  After selling a hundred bucks worth in a couple hours to hungry bicyclists at the May “Sunday Parkways” event, these babies are seriously addictive.  Gingersnaps, Peanut Butter, and I’m contemplating the debut of the Blueberry Chocolate Chip, a suggestion of a friend.  So…guess what I’m doing this Thursday and Friday night?

And I can’t wait.  I’m giddy.

If this event is successful I’m going to really go all out on the artisan fair/event circuit – not the street fairs but rather the craft shows where I can be indoors and my truffles can stay safely at room temperature.  The holiday shows where the little old ladies buy chocolates for their kids and men sneak a wise gift for their sweethearts.

And so I’m starting to create a wishlist…

* Wine refrigerator (these provide the ideal chocolate storage temperature and lack-of-humidity)
* Massive amounts of bittersweet chocolate (from Chocosphere, my favorite place to get Scharffen Berger and Dagoba Organic in bulk)
* Champion Commercial Juicer (for future cacao roasting)
* Logo/Branding/Packaging Design (actually not a wish list -plans to meet with her next week!)
* Tons of organic liqueurs from Loft and others and other tasties like whiskey and locally distilled vodka

and there’s so much more but i can’t handle it, i gotta get in the kitchen before my head explodes!  here’s some mouthwatering photos of some of my cookies…

peanut butter
my favorite, the gingersnap

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