tuesday vantage point

view from Noble Rot’s balcony on 11th & Burnside

we arrived at sunset to drink wine and catch up on our lives.  she’s a great sista.  my friend gives me energy, gives me inspiration.  i realized when i was with her how damn lucky i am to have the people around me who feed my spirit – they understand me in a way i never could have imagined.  they do their own thing, i do my own thing, but when we come together, we are soulmates as friends.  i actually forgot what it was like to have friends who aren’t strong, who aren’t kind, who aren’t brilliant in their own way, who aren’t beautifully unique.  so i am, tonight, grateful.

this year i am spending my favorite holiday of the year on an airplane, flying to a country that doesn’t celebrate this day. when i was a child, thanksgiving was my favorite holiday.  until everything started to get messy and thanksgivings turned into small uncomfortable events rather than wonderful, loud, food-filled evenings with people from every part of our world.  when i was 19 i documented it on film and we had one long table of 20 people, friends, family, whoever.  and the food, my god the food and the wine.  everyone was in a good mood.  i miss thanksgiving.  last year i found myself at a friend’s house, feeling alone in a crowded room, not sensing a ton of love, not feeling comfortable.

so this year i am going to get away.  i’ve moved my spring plans up to a late fall escape to…england and scotland…ten lazy days with a friend up in the highlands where some of my family originates, and then lazy time along the english coastline.  i’m thinking blue jeans, black boots, black sweater, fuzzy caps, rosy cheeks, toddies…

g’night y’all…


2 thoughts on “tuesday vantage point

  1. The best friends are ones which are not needy. My best friend and I cannot see each other for a month (due to us living far apart) but when we get together, it's like we haven't skipped a beat.

    England and Scotland will be amazing! have fun! I'm so jealous!


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