Monday harvest

these are cucumbers!  ‘blond boothy’ – nice n sweet but unlike the green ones, i am not a fan of eating them with the skins on.  first time trying this kind out, they sure are cute!
no this is not an old photo – picked these everbearing, tiny, sweet strawberries this morning with a few more blueberries.  almost done with the blueberry crop – a few more mornings with my oatmeal…
future yellow bell pepper…they’ve made a great recovery after a rainy spring!
the first san marzano…a day or two more and i’m eating it right off the vine!
the purple bell pepper…isn’t she gorgeous?

  One thought on “Monday harvest

  1. August 3, 2010 at 7:08 am

    oh my goodness. Those look wonderful!
    i love gardening! im so glad you love it too! these pics make me happy!!


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