Viva la sunshine! Viva la pollo!

gorgeous. gorgeous. GORGEOUS day.  seriously, you can’t get better than the mid to upper 70’s for temperature as far as i’m concerned.  after truffling it up all saturday and part of this morning prepping for next saturday’s show, i caught my breath with some mellow time in the garden today, and later, a – yes i’ll say it again – Gorgeous bike ride in the late afternoon sun.  one of those days where you can throw on your little black shorts and black crochet backless top and neither sweat nor freeze, just feel absolutely perfect?  pull the hair back up into a ponytail, not cheerleader high but high enough where you get the summer breeze on the back of your neck and the ends of your hair still tickling that area between your shoulderblades, and throw on the lovely clarks flipflops that you are now addicted to, and cruise down rosa parks way towards new seasons.  find a big fat hunk of french feta in bulk, splurge on some antipasti salad to snack on while you make tonight’s dinner, snag a few stalks of celery as that’s the one item you manage to kill every year in your garden without fail, and a cheap bottle of local pinot gris that will go so so well with the chicken you are about to stuff.  you find yourself singing out loud as your ipod is in your ears on the way home – well, hell, who wouldn’t when you’ve got songs like ‘me and julio down by the schoolyard’ and ‘baby please don’t go’ getting you feeling all frisky and chill all at the same time.  it’s a – here i go again- GORGEOUS sunday and after last week’s incongruity with my normal, happier spirit, i am relevant, i am relaxed, i am ready. bring on the pollo, baby.

7 thoughts on “Viva la sunshine! Viva la pollo!

  1. Was it a “gorgeous” day?! ; D

    I have some Clarks flipflops I'm addicted to, as well. Little black leather things that mold to the feet.

    Enjoyed the post! And if I still ate meat I would SO make that stuffing!


  2. Hey, EcoGrrl!

    I came here to ask a favor, but became distracted by that muy bello pollo…tasty…hungry…FOCUS, MAN!

    About your comment: I do like the Noah routine suggestion, good one! But I have some more 'splainin' to do if you are interested. I didn't want to gum up your comments. Is there another e-mail I can contact you, if you don't mind? If so please send me a note at kms8gumbo(at)gmail(dot)com. 🙂

    I want some of that chicken. Now. sigh…


  3. GF – it gave its life for me 🙂

    Maurie – a) amazing day for sure. b) i am madly in love with DSW, like Shoe Pavilion but with stuff actually in my size. c) take out the giblets! that was actually the only standard part of the recipe that i followed (it originally called for prosciutto and parmesan, which i was out of, so i used the berries as the 'meat'. and TASTY as leftovers 🙂

    Gumbo – sure i'll drop you a line if you wanna chat.


  4. it's definitely a change using berries but during the summer, the thought of 'stuffing' sounds, well, like you're stuffing yourself. this i found to be much lighter and i just scooped it out and it was YUM. 🙂


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