EcoGrrl Recommendation: tomato leaf spray

complaining about the aphids?  i’ve never had a lot of long term luck with the other home remedies (liquid detergent is too weak) or insects (bags o’ ladybugs, no matter how cute they are comatose in your fridge, still eventually fly away) or other plants (society garlic – looks pretty, that’s about it), but at a seminar i went to last year, i had grabbed a flyer regarding various other aphid-be-gone, pesticide-free remedies to keep those little bastards off my roses and  – being an obsessive about tomatoes as it is – this was perfect.

handful of tomato leaves.  pitcher of water.  soak for a few hours, overnight at most (otherwise it’s just stinky moldy, ewww).  put in your spray bottle and have at it on your roses.  they will love you for it.  match it with some marigolds to combat the slugs and you’re good to go (yes i hate marigolds too but it’s not their fault they aren’t the prettiest things).

as an aside, i was really diggin’ using the nasturtiums this year in the holes of my cinderblock raised beds – they grew like crazy, with no nourishment, and the bees loved them.  they also attract a ton of black aphids and other creatures, essentially drawing them away from your garden yummies.  i eventually had to pull them when they became covered in the black bugs – AND were so lush they prevented me (via the bumblebee security force) from reaching over and plucking my basil, etc. from the beds, but they did their job in helping my garden grow in relative peace.

now if i could only figure out to de-bolt my cilantro…but hey, the blossoms are pretty and the bees love ’em, so i suppose that’s my offering to them.

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.
~ Alphonse Karr 


2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl Recommendation: tomato leaf spray

  1. I've not tried that method for aphids on roses. Sounds like I have a project to do.

    I had the darndest time pulling out the last of the mustards that had gone to flower a while back because the bumble and honey bees gave me major guilt trips every time I set out to do it. I finally ended up doing it in the middle of the night to avoid their sorrowful little buzzing! Sometimes I don't really think our gardens fully belong to us, ya know?


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