Weekend in Pictures

my new wall of sunflowers has begun to bloom! how cool is that y’all…
looking to the left from my chair over to those lovely sunflowers.  the most delicious smelling red roses as well.
happy little bee on the oregano (i’m dreaming about a macro lens…) .

it may sound like a broken record for those who’ve read my blog for more than five minutes but i’m a front porch kind of girl when it comes to sunday mornings.  my sunflowers are starting to bloom (4 of the 40…) the roses are freakishly happy, my dog is konked out in her favorite spot (she prefers the old concrete porch while i’m on the actual deck), and i am watching the hummingbirds dart in and around the pineapple and tangerine sage i planted for them (highly recommend planting, y’all – and the leaves, god they smell lovely…if i drank tea i’d be all over this…).  this morning was an ode to my beloved grandpa: blueberry pancakes on his old grill (i swiped it from the house after he passed in early ’08, a crossword puzzle (not the NY Times, that’s just ridiculously hard), and the not-so-distant sound of church bells (i live a few blocks from the neighborhood catholic church – not a religious girl myself, but i did work on a volunteer depaving project last summer, so it holds good vibes for me following gramps’ funeral there).  i can hear the muted sounds of van morrison playing inside the house (like most girls, put on a little VM and dance with me and i’m, well, puddin’), and with the cooler day i find myself in my black sweats and a white tee, lazy as can be, ready for some morning conversation and, later today, some up close and personal time with my hori hori knife and some weds that have gone far too long in the yard.  it’s a weekend where i needed some definite time to come back together.  you ever have those moments where you just need to hibernate, write, cook, hole up?  with exception of a good pedicure from the foot-fetished old fella at the salon, there’s nothing more i really could ask for today.

the man who made the blueberry pancakes every sunday.  last photo.

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