comfort food..

blueberry banana bread with brown sugar streusel

Y’all know that Bittersweet does truffles.  Lovely, dark, luscious truffles that make you close your eyes when you bite into them.

Did you know that I also do other treats?  Comfort foods such as…

* gorgeous lemon bars that focus on the lemon, not on the sugar.

* chai brownies that will make you reassess the traditional chocolate version

* blueberry banana bread made from local, pesticide-free blueberries and organic bananas

* tres leches, the traditional mexican dessert, kicked up with a hint of lemon zest

* lemon mascarpone cheesecake, something truly lovely

* kahlua tiramisu, a scrumptious deviation from my italian teacher’s recipe given to me in college

* gingersnaps, banana chocolate chip, and peanut butter cookies

So…think about Bittersweet in many ways.  I focus on my lovely organic and naturally vegan truffles, with bittersweet chocolate wrapped around flavors like cardamom, peanut butter, whiskey, espresso, and pink salt, and sweetened with local raw honey and hand-rolled to a beautiful yummy state of being.  But there is so much more….

Contact me if you are curious!  Online orders for truffles and cookies available to order on the top right hand side of this site, and the rest are available for local (Portland, OR) area customers.  (Yes, another reason to visit Stumptown, aka the Rose City).

Hip Happening is just around the corner – come on by the Sellwood Masonic Temple for a fantastic passport event, featuring my Bittersweet truffles, gifts by my friend from Dylanbug Designs, and more local artisans and musicians to get you all in the artistic mindset.  Hope to see you there!

Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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