big giant to-do list of dreams

so i finished my blog post for tonight full of desserts and warm fuzzies, and then read the lovely blog by our girl over at rebel road sister.  her own start of a bucket list, talking about some of her own personal dreams, and it reminded me that i haven’t kept those things in the forefront of my mind in a while.  just get to step two, you know?  so i thought, before i leave the room, i had better do just a wee bit more thinking before i close my eyes…

while there are so many gorgeous things that a girl might want, i did what i always do and thought of the first five things that popped into my mind.  here’s what’s cookin’, in no particular order

a month exploring italy
finding my best friend, my partner in crime, the father of my children, my soft place to fall
madonna, live, not in the nosebleeds
africa from all perspectives
have one of my photographs in a lovely national publication like vanity fair or vogue or W or bazaar, as my tribute to the greatest photographer ever, peter lindbergh (the above is one of my favorite portraits of two friends of mine shortly before the birth of their first child.)
and yes, my own little place where i make people happy with my sweets and other comfort foods

3 thoughts on “big giant to-do list of dreams

  1. Nice list…I need to start one of my own. Also need to find my own little place to make people happy.

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement, on the branding thing. That's good career counseling, right there 🙂


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