sweet sweet wednesday eve…

the fabulous-‘ghetto cake’ ordered by my friend
and then there’s the ‘concord’, my favorite dessert..light as air and totally luscious
what i brought to work today – my homemade blueberry banana bread with brown sugar streusel, baked in a cast iron skillet

today was a good day, as ice cube would say.

while i’ve been dealing with some sleep deprivation and such, i gave myself the gift of a late start which included a delicous morning nap before going to work at 10am.  shouldn’t we all start work at 10am?  i got 8 hours of work done in 6 hours, easy, had a killer ride in to work as it was nice and overcast and cool this morning.  some interesting sh** happening at work today which tested my levels of patience and made me remember why i need to get my chocolatier self in action.

but the day ended beautifully, as a girlfriend came over and we made dinner together and sat out in my backyard to enjoy food and conversation.  i had a salad from the garden with some blueberries tossed in for sweetness, along with some marinated portobello mushrooms on the grill, and she made a pesto dip along with assorted meats and breads so we had a veritable buffet of lovelies to choose from for our dinner.  that and some vodka lemonades to deal with the leftover heat of the day, we were set. she’s one of those friends who i adore because she’s just plain easy to be with.  i adore her and we have great laughs, we really genuinely enjoy each others company, and bonus – we live in the same neighborhood.  gotta love the easy evening.

we did end up sneaking out at the end of the evening for iced spanish coffees and dessert at a favorite dessert haunt, pix patisserie (see photos above).  one of those lovely open-air joints whose owner is one of the key inspirations for my chocolatier life.  more good conversation as the evening progressed, and here i am now, crashed out on the sofa watching classic bill cosby on pbs.

i dunno about you, but that’s what makes up a good day for me – the people i adore making me laugh.


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