blurry tuesday

pinot grigio to mellow me out tonight before i collapse onto the sofa and be a bum.  rotten nights sleep full of nightmares and heat exhaustion and waking up with a start.  over, and over, and over, i’d have different visions in my head – the weirdest one was quite terrifying as i thought i’d woke up to find a group of big scary men in my room sitting there, watching me as i lost my voice and cried as i tried to reach for my phone in vain.  i got up, i walked around, i wrote a bit.  by around 5am i finally gave up and let the pup out.  now, i am paying the price.  a handful of grapes, a glass of the same, and i’m done.  finis.  daydreaming, curled up in a cool sheet under the fan and ready for an early evening nap.


4 thoughts on “blurry tuesday

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