Something luscious and bittersweet…

Remember my post a few days ago about taking a day off from my (as I affectionately call it..) mortgage-paying job to go pick blueberries?  Well I grow them as well in my front yard, and decided to use some of this year’s harvest to make my seasonal favorite truffle…

Stuffing the ganache with fresh juicy blueberries before dipping into bittersweet…

What?  You aren’t already a Follower of my other blog, Bittersweet?  Really now!  Go on over there and check out a little history that I’ve been documenting as I build my side business feeding people my hand-rolled, organic (and yes, unintentionally vegan!) truffles.  Ok so here’s my plug..

I use artisan bittersweet chocolate, local honey, organic vanilla bean, a touch of vegan butter and soy cream (I find the consistency and quality is as lovely as ‘real’ cream and butter, and bonus – they last longer because there is no dairy, and my vegan and dairy-allergic friends love that they can enjoy my truffles too!).  I make these all by hand, from rolling them (I don’t use molds) to dipping them, and ship in eco-friendly packaging as well.

I’ve created a number of flavors but the highlights for most involve…

* pink salt (bittersweet sprinkled with pink himalayan artisan salt)
* ginger spice (organic ginger cello liqueur with cloves and cinnamon)
* peanut butter (organic PB swirled into bittersweet then sprinkled with crushed peanuts)
* l’orange (grand marnier ganache, dusted with orange zest)
* gorgonzola (for the more daring – bittersweet and gorgonzola, sprinkled with lemon zest)
* strawberry (homemade organic strawberry jam truffle)
* cayenne (not for the faint of heart – cayenne pepper swirled in, topped with chili flakes)

I have some seasonal favorites (pumpkin with clove, blueberry with cocoa, serrano pepper) and love doing custom requests and surprises as well (italian espresso, whiskey with cinnamon, hazelnut, and milk chocolate mint).  While my repertoire also includes desserts like tres leches, lemon mascarpone cheesecake, tiramisu, and other lovelies like chai brownies and lemon bars, along with the traditional comfort food cookie (chocolate chip, gingersnap, peanut butter, and lemon ricotta being the favorites), the truffles always seem to be everyone’s guilty pleasure, and I love

Want some?  Order online at with your credit card (Paypal secure order) and you’ll have ’em in 3 days – summertime orders just beware, have me mail them to a location where they won’t sit in a mailbox in the heat and turn to goo!  I ship nationally, and for an extra fee, internationally.  My truffles have visited much of America,, from Hawaii to Oregon to Ohio to Virginia and more, and have made several international trips to England and Germany, and are also available for my Portland chocoholics at Elevated Coffee right here in Northeast Portland.

For those curious about Etsy, I do have a page there but prefer to use the Bittersweet page as it saves both the buyer and seller from paying an Etsy fee.

3 thoughts on “Something luscious and bittersweet…

  1. thanks y'all! it's funny as a girlfriend was just over and asked if i'd split a truffle with her and it just didn't do anything for me – i suppose that's what you get when you look at them all day. however i will make an exception for my peanut butter truffles, those are insane, especially right out of the freezer 🙂


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