Roll o’ film

a historical trip through a roll of film i just had developed that, for me, took unreasonably long to finish (everything is cell-phone photog that you see of my house and garden and wanderings)….two events in particular are featured, a trip to vegas this winter for a government training class (seriously), and a few shots from summer solstice…

me and my buddy j-flo – i had a training in vegas last november and he, a vegas native, was cool enough to show me around the town without forcing me to be amongst all those horrible casinos…a ride down the strip to take some color photos of the strangeness of the town, then the one cheesy vegas photo.  fortunately this was the second night we hung out that week – the first one i was the extreme lush and the photos are all out of focus!  (not that this one is better, but at least you can’t blame me in this one)  definitely not a city i ever want to return to – it’s symbolic of everything that is wrong with america.  however we did have one phenomenal meal (way off the strip fortunately) and i know he said the hiking outside the city is great.  mario batali’s restaurant?  from what i remember my meal was good but it was $100 for dinner and drinks (perrrrr person), and while he swears we shared dessert, i certainly don’t remember it.  of course the next morning of my class i was still drunk…hmm.  i do like the close-up shot i did with my telephoto of the vegas sign, who knew it said all that?
 my friend zoee and her girls…they were the sweetest…saida, the oldest, impressed me so much with how mellow and well-behaved she was, entranced with the ladybugs in the garden…aziza, the ‘cindy lou-who’ littlest one, was full of smiles and laughs…is there anything better than making a little one laugh?  and then my girl daisy, usually one to ignore children, made herself right at home on the sheet with the girls, and so i had to quickly grab the shot of saida snuggled with her, it’s something i never could have imagined seeing and sweetened my solstice experience that much more.  (obviously so much more that i stopped photographing after that and enjoyed the wine and company more…).

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