Weekend in Pictures

end of my saturday and my feet are in desperate need of a good rubdown and i’ve realized i have chocolate on my toes and in my hair and of course my little white top is speckled as i foolishly made chocolates without my apron. it felt more like spring than summer and i was told i should’ve been born in the south because i love to sit out on my front porch and watch the world go by and i even sold a batch of truffles to a lady met at the workshop for her son in the air force in europe. i am a run-on sentence and yet nothing is escaping my lips. my throat is tired and my knees are weak and my big soft comforter beckons. i don’t know if i even want to dream tonight, i just know i want the coolness of the pillow against my cheek and the warmth of my thoughts and imagination wrapped around me softly.

new rose in bloom in the front yard
tonight’s featured truffle flavor is… haha no clues g/f…
tired grrl in the kitchen, last smile i could muster…

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