Outta the shop…

my little clunker is right where she belongs – home with me! after 4 days in the shop getting her first tune-up ever including brake pads, my primary form of transportation is back and rides like it’s right outta the factory – smooth as silk, brakes that stop the bike on a simple caress, and enough oomph to make me feel kinda like wonder woman on two wheels. hell i even passed someone today on the way in, not sure if i’m any faster or if i was just extra amped in the cool morning air with nothin’ on my mind and lots in my ears. so i thought i’d present you all (like you care) with today’s setlist for the ipod classic, on shuffle of course…

mexican candy (the iguanas – one of the sexiest songs ever ever ever)
uptown (roy orbison – find yourself singing it out loud while u ride)
so much to say (dave matthews – vague reminder of ’96 outdoor shows sitting on some boy’s shoulders at the gorge)
see you again (miley cyrus – SHUT UP it’s a good song, i don’t discriminate)
digital (joy division – best all time commuting song ever, bike or car)
rich girl (gwen stefani & eve – great girlie song)
you can’t deny it (lisa stansfield – takes me back)
peaches (stranglers – suddenly i’m in montego bay under a palm tree sippin’ somethin’)
just like heaven (cure – ’nuff said)
freedom ’90 (george michael – happy song, reminds me of my days working in a record store in high school)
don’t get me wrong (pretenders – this song kicks ASS, ‘i see neon lights whenever you walk by…’, reminds me of how goofy and awkward and geeky and silly and blushy i feel when a boy makes my heart go bumpity-bump-bump)

yup so i ride in, hop into the garage, and i’m set. of course as i write this i realize i have to get dressed and head right back on the bike to meet a friend for dinner so the writing stays a bit boring for today. friday though – damn its delicious to be off for the weekend. applying for a re-fi tomorrow (wish me luck) and then teaching a workshop for job-seekers (i may need a drink after), then submerging myself into the land of le chocolat. i’d tell you what i’m working on but i have a very special taste tester over the sea that may read this and so we need to keep him guessing right? right.

“Toss me a cigarette, I think there’s one in my raincoat”
“We smoked the last one an hour ago”
So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine
And the moon rose over an open field

~ simon & garfunkel

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