focus on the happies

on a day that left me truly truly exhausted and a wee bit skittish as i’m worried i may have overcommitted myself at work, i am bound and determined to focus on the things that were GOOD today, so here goes the gratitude to remind myself of all that in just one day makes me smile…

* walking to work this morning (my trusty bike is in the shop getting a tuneup and new brake pads – get it back tomorrow night) – it was beautiful and sunshiny and breezy, and i was wearing a favorite black top and little swishy black skirt and pretty bracelet and my keen maryjanes, sipping on a cappuccino and chocolate hazelnut scone…so nice (pix of some of the things i saw along this particular route are below)

* lunch with a friend who i haven’t seen in a few weeks, sitting out in the park at lunch, listening to live music and sitting in the grass in the sunshine, laughing like schoolgirls

* making others laugh and feel good, while i took on this big new assignment, it made me happy to get such a positive response to my involvement and excitement towards my contributions

* that little push i needed from my girl in ohio about keeping the faith with my little business of chocolatier-ing…reminding me of that image in my head of a little corner shop somewhere selling sweet things that make people smile? so so so much better than silly government job.

* coming home to pick a batch of lettuce out of the garden, a final handful of snap peas, and more blueberries

* and speaking of berries, scheduling a midweek day to take off and go blueberry picking at sauvie island with a girlfriend and her kids next week…sunshine, a little beach time, and gallons and gallons of berries for cheap? love it. (making fresh blueberry truffles with the goods? for the lucky ones i suppose…)

* silly notes from sweet blog friends about chocolate and cocktails and visits and such

* my rottweiler bounding about like a puppy for a good 20 seconds in the back yard before tiring out, love her love her love her. even if her hair is falling out 😦

* eating a carrot at lunch that came out of the garden this morning

* looking forward to catching up with one of my bestest friends tomorrow night, using a gift certificate to go get messy with the bbq ribs, finger lickin’ good with lots of great conversation and sunshine on the shoulders and drinks in hand…

how the kids make even the dumpsters look cool at irvington school

streets of the neighborhood

yard people

mural against the side of a garage made by neighborhood kids

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