come ‘n’ see me sometime….

I’m doing my first artisan show as Bittersweet – no more outside sweaty, melting events that do no good for the truffle grrl…this one I’ll be indoors, serving up a ton of truffles. I am altogether nervous and excited and nauseous and high just thinking about it. If this works I know I’ve got somethin’…

Anybody wanna taste? Go to to order (top right hand corner, Paypal credit card and I now ship EVERYWHERE, although it’s a wee bit more for my internationals as I ship express mail to make sure it doesn’t sit somewhere for 2 weeks and give you fuzzy chocolate.

I tried my orange truffle last night and I must say it’s a Top Five. What’s most exciting for me though is that I’m pushing through this ADD thing that i get where i lose interest and go onto the next thing… I will always be a girl who loves to feed you, treat you, provide you sanctuary, but it’s taken some ups and downs in converting that love into a business model. But I gotta say, just a little love from people when they taste my chocolates? Makes it all worthwhile…


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