an exercise in elizabethan inspiration 7/13/10

The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.

he murmured in her ear and realized her truth. she looked at him, tilting her head a little, and looked deeper into the eyes that drew her in from day one.

she knew what she needed to know about him, and that was all that mattered. those boys before had always obsessed on the size of their cars and other Things and what they expected her to expect. they never asked her what She wanted, what made Her happy. but they were quick to tell her when She was Wrong. they never understood her simplicity, her bare walls, her need for his kiss more than anything a wallet could afford. in the old life, there was no soft place to fall.

he didn’t fear not knowing every bit of her, because he knew he wanted to use whatever time they had to learn her intricacies. he knew she loved him for how he squeezed her hand as they walked down the street, for the conversations they’d have just before they fell asleep and for how she would instinctively bury her face in his chest when she wanted to feel safe. and he knew she loved him because he was her best friend – with her, he was okay, just as he was. his past was just that. and she felt that same comfort.

she can’t put her finger on what the exact moment it was that she felt it, but she knew that one day she realized she’d loved him all her life. while they may have just met, when she looked at him she breathed as she should and when she leaned back into his arms, he was more familiar than she’d ever anticipated. he was her soft place to fall. he let her try out her recipes on him and laughed at her when she had chocolate all over her hands and arms and occasionally the tip of her nose. he made sure she knew she was safe with him, home with him wherever they were. and she knew that whenever things went awry, she could trust him to still take care of her heart, as she did with his.

they knew it wasn’t just about that love that grew with their friendship, but rather that certain way they understood each other, how in the darkest times they were each others biggest supporters. they learned from each other, overcame their past fears and refused to listen to the naysayers. they wrote their story together.

they are whoever you want them to be. if you’ve been feeling lost then you’ll be found by someone who’s been waiting for you to finish that last chapter. if you have it you’ll embrace it, you’ll be thankful for it.

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.

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