Weekend in Pictures

tangerine sage…hummingbirds love the flowers, therefore they protect their turf, therefore the blueberry-eating jays are foiled…
purple asters gettin’ happy…when i had the two evil weed trees in the back yard removed last year, these were at the base of it so i transplanted them all along the side of the house (where i had the ‘driveway garden’). first time i’ve transplanted anything and they’ve survived 🙂
it’s just criminal what the pollen from evil weed tree (ailanthus altissima) does (this was a dark chocolate bark mulch originally). even worse? it REEKS.
if i can afford it this fall, this evil bastard ‘tree’ is coming down (it’s what happens in the hood when you don’t cut down fast-growing weeds…this is an invasive species…NOT a tree, per se)
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