little visual musings before i go back outside

today. look at that shoulder, the scottish/irish/english skin IS capable of tan! or is it just all my freckles blending together?
my dearly missed abs (from an old self-portrait project i did). hoping to be found a little later this year after i finish kicking my own arse. this will be minus the piercing of course, that went buh-bye a while back.

found this pic on my old blog. flush with cocktails on a mardi gras evening in seattle. i distinctly remember wearing a velvet catsuit and these great boots. meow!
on the to-do list. somethin’ somethin’.
this has to do with my note about Transmission to a faraway blogger. 1989. i still have these boots in my basement. cat’s name was rambo.
my friend’s daughter, this morning at the park. 15 minutes later we were dancing around a coffeeshop called barista, listening to the Stones as she kicked her feet around to the music. gave her back to her mum and she promptly peed on her leg. my work here is done!


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