long ago at haystack rock…

it’s a good weekend not to think.

temps inside the house just went below 80 and i can feel a cool breeze slink into the house this morning. slept in my own bed last night instead of the spare room in the basement – too many ‘weird basement sounds’ that i wasn’t used to and i figured i’d rather be warm next to a fan over cool and paranoid? smile.

the weather has brought out the skeeters in full force, hasn’t it? here in stumptown it’s not usually a prevalent thing, and this year my ankles have some huge sexy power over the mosquitoes, as they are dappled. oy!

but summer is here and that’s good because i have food growing in my very own yard in a way i’d never have imagined just a couple of years ago when i was spending tons at the farmers markets. yesterday i saw a picture of a shaggy cow in the new york times supplemental when i was having my cappuccino and, sigh… I know, right?

i suppose this is why i love my hometown, and any town really where you can have the best of both worlds. what i crave most now, and it’s more than a gnawing in the belly or a quiet little rumbling in the back of my mind…is ocean time.

whenever i’m along a stretch of sea i breathe. i know, we all say that. but do you know those places when you find yourself exhaling, like you’ve been holding your breath for a lifetime?

there’s a little place i’ve never been that i’m contemplating. tell you more after i do it.


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