Garden happy, EcoGrrl sleepy

it’s been a long, hard week at work – so so busy but so so rewarding. and the heat has been, well, ugh! but on the weekends i can glow instead of sweat, going any pace i wish. and boy is the garden having a ball. well, except for the spinach and basil which are being drama queens and overreacting with bolting and blossoms. oy vey. but whatevah!

with my second-half resolution to minimize my expenses AND my waistline, i’ve been focusing on the concept of delayed gratification. not eliminated – delayed. with delay comes less spending, less eating of those foods. ‘wait til tomorrow to have that/buy that’, and half the time i don’t crave it the next day.

so you may hear more about this in future posts, as the more i talk about something that i was originally uncomfortable about, the easier it gets. and the better i feel, more secure, more vulnerable, more human, more confident.

so what did i force myself to do? i know it may sound like easy to some, but you just don’t crave veggies every single day. but what did i have in the house and garden last night? nothing but. so i pulled my first multi-colored carrots from the garden and chopped ’em up, baked up a few little organic red potatoes in the microwave (no using the gas range during 95 degree weather!) and topped them with a little vinaigrette, and grilled up some farmers market portobellos on the bbq that had been marinating in soy sauce & garlic, and topped them with sunflower seeds for some crunch, and poured a glass of lemonade. i was happy, i was full, i was veggie goddess.

today? well friday is my play-day for food. one day i get to eat without thinking. well, my thinking is if i eat without thinking, it will be quality stuff. so, here goes: small peets cappuccino and croissant for breakfast. half an order of king crab rice with cucumbers at halo thai for lunch and – yikes! – an ice cream cone (chocolate chip, always). leftover lunch for dinner. and lemmmonade. can’t get enough of it in this weather. thank goodness it’s going down into the 80’s this weekend.

a peek at the latest ecogrrl garden …

first carrots…i love that i planted multi-color – each one i pull up is a surprise!

green beans (french) FINALLY growing (they’ll climb this trellis soon i hope!)

first coneflower (echinacea) of the year, keeping my tomatoes company!

corn – revived! (faster, faster!)

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