my girl next to my ‘wall o’ sunflowers’ between my house & the neighbors

eighty five degrees at 9:30 at night totally sucks. but surprisingly, riding home in ninety five degrees wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. and while getting off the bike instantly made the cool breeze go away (go figure) and sweat start pouring down my face and into my eyes, the reward was thinking about how, um, RAD, it is this year compared to last year. why? last year i had a roommate. a college boy roommate renting out my basement bedroom, who worked the same hours as me and therefore? couldn’t come home after a 95 degree ride and strip down and cool off under the fan. this year? no roommate. house is better insulated (keeping the temps under 80 thus far inside). basement room is furnished and available for me to crash out in tonight. house is empty so being in one’s skivvies while making dinner is once again cool. literally. yay!

how y’all keeping cool? some ecogrrl tips – big and small…
* live in an old house? invest in blown-in insulation for your walls. they pop off one piece of siding and drill holes, blow in recycled and borate-treated (fyi ants hate that!) newsprint, fill in the holes, and pop it back on. easy, fast, eco.
* do not underestimate the ceiling fan. and you don’t have to get one of those butt ugly ones from home depot that look like they’re from a 1980’s condo. you can spend a couple hundred bucks and get a gorgeous one from modern fan. i love theirs also because for those without ninety foot ceilings, they have great ones that are ‘huggers’ – no decaptitation, yay! and did you know, when people can feel air blowing, their comfort range goes up an additional six degrees? no wonder i’m sitting here in a 79 degree house under the fan and feel OK…AND don’t forget your awesome furnace fan. the furnace fan burns very little electricity, but it keeps the air moving continually throughout the house, which is also great for cleaning the air. i noticed it lowers the temperature a couple degrees after about 10 minutes as well.
* super amen for the sundress. and while i am wearing one right now much shorter than the one in this photo, i will promote this one from old navy because why? because you can lean over in the front yard garden and not peepshow the neighbors. and it feels like you’re wearing the best nightgown ever…and, like my dad, when its that hot, either be nekkid or wear something that doesn’t touch you. 🙂

* windows: it’s a basic but it’s huge. shades up at night, shades down during the day. closed windows during the day, and do not crack them open until the temperature outside is cooler than it is inside. and i gotta say, while i hate the icky mauve color of my living room blinds i my living room (on the west side of my house so it gets a lot of sun) that came with the house, i kept them because i knew how great they were at insulating and until i can replace with a better color, i’ll take advantage of these, thankyouverymuch.

* and of course darling, grill your food outside. i am not into the charcoal thing and not a fan of gas either for grills, so the george foreman is fantastic for me – electric, plugged into my backyard outlet, nonstick, and cooks enough to feed a family if i had one. love it.

* I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the basic – WATER. no bottles, just tap water. and ice, i love ice. Remind yourself if you need to, but make sure you do it.


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