Hot hot hottttt

monday morning: shivering at the farmers market at 11am
tuesday evening: 9pm and temps just went below 80
wednesday forecast: 95
thursday forecast: 101

if my garden doesn’t up and strangle me in the middle of the night, i’d be really, really surprised.

made some adjustments in the garden. haven’t told my friends, but i pulled most of the nasturtiums out in the raised beds. they got so thick and covered with black aphids, reaching over them (and the bees that thought they’d died and gone to heaven) to get to my actual veggies (basil and lettuce right now) was alternately gross and dangerous. and the long arms were reaching into the veggies (think little shop of horrors)….

and hey, if it’s going to be hot, i’m going to give as much light and heat to my hot peppers as i can. serrano peppers (see a handful of last year’s crop in the title photo of this blog) are my favorite – camarones al ajillo, lalalala ooh spicy yum luscious mmmm. favorite dish.

so while i may bitch and moan, this weather couldn’t be better for the almighty garden.

as for me? i’m trying not to imagine my bright red face by the time i get off the bike tomorrow night after work. although the fact that my freckles are starting to grow together, that’s kinda cute.

so i’m doing some thinking and contemplating and preparing for this change i’m going to be instilling in myself. by the time we hit the next solstice, i can’t wait to tell you how far i’ve come this year.

bring on the second half.

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