domesticky situation

my longtime friend – anyone who knew you when you were 17 and working retail and you still get along with today and who calls you by your real name? totally awesome.
rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley, tarragon, thyme, sage – all picked from the garden and dried this afternoon – much more to do but a good start eh?

where is this hidden sun. your eyelashes cover multitudes of sins and i repeat my destiny covered with clouds and starlight. i am revealed and you conceal me behind these hands i can’t quite describe. it’s fluff and puffy pillows that we’re sinking into in some faraway little cabin and i slice you strawberries and you nibble them from the blade as i hold it up to you. there are big trees and misty mornings and even though i write and write, i breathe in everything this life offers some twenty years down the road.

i don’t know what day it was i met you or if i already know you or if you’ll land on my doorstep or brush past me walking down the street or write me a letter on pen and paper… and i don’t remember that exact moment in the future that our eyes came into focus…but the intention was always that my heart would be yours and yours would be mine, not in that sunshiny foo foo annoyingly nauseatingly saccharine way but in that way that it just takes a simple squeeze of the hand to know. to know. a quiet upturn of my lips as i look at you and you catch my eye and, yes, i know.

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