15 miles in the sunshine today. badly in need of a tuneup for my bike but happy to have it happy to have that freedom. pushing myself around. i need it. good conversation with a friend. slice of pizza on hawthorne with fennel sausage, red onions, and chevre and a couple of stiff drinks with her before heading back to the north side. cute boys are everywhere. front yard reeks of ailanthus (tree of heaven) pollen, back yard makes me want to spread out a big soft sheet on the grass and lay out there and count clouds. decompression at its finest after ‘quite the week’. lemonade. naps. summer. slight irritation at the fact that the national musical event on tv for the president was all about ‘happy 4th of july’ rather than ‘happy independence day’. do we say ‘happy january first’ when its new years day? just seems to me – yes, little old buck-the-trends me – a little disrespectful to the holiday. wandering mind, can you tell? thinking about my upcoming massage…some strong hands needed to work out the kinks, put me back in the center (or slightly off center) where i belong.

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