Weekend in Pictures

locally employed honeybees made this…

a little saturday summary…

morning…rode the lovely 5 miles to the st johns farmers market in north portland to volunteer with my favorite local nonprofit, the portland fruit tree project, who brings together folks with abundant fruit and nut trees in the city with volunteer harvest parties. they get the fruit they want from the tree, we harvest the rest, donating half to the oregon food bank and splitting the other half amongst the volunteers. talk about a win-win! last year i brought home 25 lbs of the most luscious pears from an after-work harvest party. met lots of community members, got people excited about contributing either as a harvester or as a tree owner, enjoyed the sunshine, and before taking off, picked up some fresh local raspberries for a friend’s birthday dessert, a pint of some seriously local honey (the bees are in north portland, how much closer besides my backyard can i get!) and sat on the curb to enjoy a pastry and lemonade from the fabulous carrie of florio, the little bakery across the street from my house.

afternoon…seriously sun-kissed (amen to bob at pft for having sunscreen!), i rode home, only stopping by new seasons to pick up some feta, marinated red peppers (i can no longer wait for my sweet peppers…must have ’em!) and a few lush skewers of szechuan pork for some lunchtime grillin’ tomorrow after the no’po sunday parkways ride that’s starting at peninsula park down the street from my house. for those of you non-portlanders, it’s got the second biggest rose garden in the city and is directly across the street from where one of my grandmas lived, albeit in a different era when crime was the norm and you kept your doors locked. now? music and hula hoops and food and yoga and swimming and a new fountain and weddings and laying back in the grass counting clouds… anyhow, came home to a seriously stressed dog, whimpering and wanting to stay very very close to me, so after mowing the lawn, tying up san marzano branches (dude, my 11 tomato plants are 5′ tall…) and optimistically planting some more french climbing bean seeds, i sprayed her down with the hose to cool her off and we laid out in the shade, me with my favorite summer salad (a layered cobb salad darling, it’s bleepin’ fantastic especially with the greens and herbs and a dash of freshly shelled peas…). spinach has bolted in the backyard (three 75-80 degree days and, like us oregonians, it panicked…luckily i have two containers in the front that are just starting to come out of the dirt), but with pulling that out it made space for some more basil (i’m a huge fan of fino verde, smaller leaves but killer taste). found that my neighbor left me some string for my weedwacker, now the big challenge of course is figuring out how the hell to attach it so i can use it…uhhhhh. finished the afternoon in the kitchen, as my garden obsession left me with only 2 hours to figure out the birthday dessert. raspberry lemon bars, voila.

evening…yay for bike baskets…popped the dessert in, and rode over to my (dylanbug) friend’s house, whose hubby was celebrating his 50th birthday with a full-on block party. seriously fun – all the kids around the same age, riding bikes, playing games, getting spray-on tattooes, and even some jumprope (remember cinderella dressed in yella? the kids still say it! i’m NOT old yet, ha!). bbq and desserts as far as the eye could see on a lovely shady tree-lined street of NE Portland, and yes it was warm enough that i actually transitioned into that place where a bottle o’ beer quenched the thirst perfectly. a little pinata action and a ride home in the summer night, and i sit here, writing, wishing there were less bugs so i could lie out under the stars a bit more comfortably…

i could not resist taking this photo – hello kitty airbrush tattoo and a belly very similar to mine at that age, haha
Super desserts…
my fave boy, li’l D and his ridiculously huge airbrush back tattoo
strawberry-rhubarb galette w/ berry lemonade, curbside at the market
my girl, having a tough day…randomly digging holes for the first time, whimpering, and sticking very very close to me…our days are numbered, i can feel it in my blood
the kids bike parade with decorated bikes and big smiles 🙂
raspberry lemon bars

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